What Happens When the Fed Cuts Interest Rates

What does it mean? December 2008, the last time the FED cut interest rates: Unemployment was over 7 percent (and rising quickly), the stock market had lost a third of its value, and a major financial institution, Lehman Brothers, had just declared bankruptcy, rocking the financial system. Today unemployment is at a half-century low (3.7 … Continued

Homes for Sale in the Sevastopol School District

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Why the Sevastopol School District Parents want to enroll their children in the Sevastopol School District.  It is possible to open enroll your child from another district into the Sevastopol District, but the school does currently have a “waiting list” in a number of grades.  So, homes in the Sevastopol School District (Jacksonport, and parts … Continued

Lake Michigan Shore Lots in Door County

Lake Michigan shore lot

It is a general rule, that all parties agree to, that any shoreline that is submerged in water is owned by the state and accessible to the public. On March 30, 2019 the Chicago Tribune reported this regarding Wisconsin: “In Wisconsin private property stops at the natural high water mark and the state owns the land below this threshold. But beachfront owners have exclusive rights to the water’s edge, and the state Department of Natural Resources enforces a “keep your feet wet” policy for people walking on private beaches”.

The Quiet Side of Door County

Cana Island Light House from the land

Why Do They Call it the Quiet Side? The Quiet Side.  That might imply peace and quiet, few people, nothing to do.  So is the lakeside of Door County “the quiet side”?  The answer is, yes and no.  Don’t discount those little towns on the Quiet Side, they have big things going on!   The … Continued

Burst Water Pipes – How and Now What

When the water pipes burst for any reason in your home, or any structure with water service, water will spew out.  And the water will keep running until the break is discovered and the water turned off.  In the course of that you could, probably will, experience a lot of water damage.  You will have … Continued

Jacksonport Door County Real Estate and Community Information

Welcome to Jacksonport! Jacksonport is an ideal Door County community for your year ’round home, vacation home, or your stay and play destination. Much of the town is situation along the Lake Michigan shore with a mix of sandy beaches and rocky cliffs, and inland you’ll find woods, farms, and orchards.  Bike, hike, swim, snowshoe, … Continued

Door County Named Trip Advisor’s Best Lake Town!

Sail boat on blue water

Door County Best Lake Town to Visit Well, Door County is really a compilation of towns, but TripAdvisor names the whole county number one among its eighteen best places to visit.  We already new that though, didn’t we? Read the whole story here.

Door County Real Estate Market Report

Door County, Wisconsin has several options for home buyers. Whether you are looking for your first home, a second home, or a vacation property, Door County has something for all types of buyers.

If you are a seller in Door County, Wisconsin, this market report will help you understand the Door County market to better position your home to sell.