Door county has many options for the home buyer. Are you looking for your first home, a second home, a vacation property, or a piece of land? You will find it in Door County.

If you are a seller in Door County, Wisconsin, this market report will assist you in understanding the Door County real estate market and that will help you to best position your property for successful sale.

Door County Real Estate Market Report 2019

What should you know about what sold in the different property categories in Door County in 2019?  How long did Door County properties remain on the market in 2019?  The 2019 Door County Real Estate Market Report is designed to provide you with some really good general information.  Continue to read below for all the details, and in each category you will find data for all of Door County and then just northern Door County (north of the city to the tip-of-the-Door).  If you are looking for a more detailed analysis of how YOUR Door County property might position in the Door County real estate market, call me, Lisa Bieri, at 920-493-5472.

Residential Inland Homes 2019 Compared to 2018

In all of Door County the average sale price of inland homes was up by 4%, from $220,722 in 2018 to $229,679 ion 2019.  Total sales in 2018 were 429, with 375 selling in 2019.  In 2019 the average days on market was down by 20%, with 2018 having 176 days of market and 2019 having just 140 days on market.  At the end of 2019 there were 212 homes on the market, and in 2019 189 homes on the market–a decrease for 2019 of 11%.

In northern Door County there were 151 sales in 2019 as compared to 175 in 2018.  The average price of homes was up 5% in 2019 to $324,491, as compared to $307,849 in 2019.  2019 showed homes on the market for 173 days as compared to the 220 days of 2018.  In 2019 there were 106 homes on the market at the end of 2019, with 108 in 2018.

The market is tight for inland residential homes with much competition, resulting in the higher sale prices, fewer days on market, and fewer homes to sell.

2019 res inland stats north door jpeg
2019 Northern Door Inland Homes


Waterfront Homes 2019 Compared to 2018

In all of Door County there were 99 waterfront home sales in 2019, as compared to 101 in 2018.  The average sale price in 2018 was $614,465, with 2019 being $530,445.  Homes stayed on the market fewer days in 2019 at 223, and compared to the 266 of 2018.  At the end of 2019 there were 95 waterfront homes for sale, with 2018 having 93 at the end of the year.

In northern Door County waterfront homes saw less of a price drop in 2019, being just 6% below 2018 levels–$771,529 in 2019 and $818,268 in 2019.  Homes remained on the market for fewer days in 2019 at 233 days versus 278 in 2018.  There were fewer home sales in 2019–a 29% drop–with 42 waterfront homes selling in 2019 and 59 in 2018.  The number of homes for sale at year-end was nearly identical with 51 at the end of 2019, and 52 at the end of 2018.



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Condominium Homes 2019 Compared to 2018

There are few condominium projects Sturgeon Bay and south, so the data provided is for northern Door County condos.

Residential condominium homes were up slightly in 2019 with 144 sales, as compared to 136 in 2018.  The sale price increased by 16% from $273,374 in 2018 to $326,263 in 2019.  The average number of days on market saw a significant drop in 2019 to 231, versus 388 in 2018.  Year-end 2019 saw just 71 residential condominium units on the market, and year-end 2018 had 64.

If you own or are looking to purchase a hotel condominium unit or a recreational condominium unit please call Lisa Bieri at 920-493-5472 for additional details.

Market Statistics for Hotel Condominiums

2019 hotel condo market report
Hotel Condo 2019 Statistics







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Waterfront Land Activity 2019 Compared to 2018

Waterfront land in northern Door County outpaced that as compared to all of Door County.  There were 33 total waterfront land sales in 2019, versus 31 in 2018.  The average sale price for waterfront land in northern Door County outpaced that in the rest of the county with northern Door County being an average sale price of $341,672 in 2019, compared to $257,036 for all of Door County.

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Land Inland 2019 Compared to 2018

In general land, inland tracts, in Door County remain on the market a longer period of time.  A year to a year and one-half is common.  In 2019 the average days on market were 453 for northern Door County tracts (identical to 2018), and the average sale price rose by 2% to $61,620, up by about $1,250 from 2018.

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The information contained herein was prepared by Lisa Bieri of Door County Realty, Inc. and using data obtained from the Door County Multiple Listing service on 1/10/2020.  The Door County Board of Realtors and the Door County Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service do not in any way guarantee or take responsibility for its accuracy.  Information may not reflect all real estate activity in the Door County Real Estate market.  All Realtor members of the Door County Board of Realtors MLS report their sales to the MLS, unless directed not to by the seller.  There may then be some sales not included in these statistics/data.  Private sales (FSBO) sales with no Realtor participation are not included in this representation.


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