What is the property tax in Door County?

Property tax rates differ throughout Door County, and that tax funds  projects and services provided by the county, individual towns and villages, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and depending on where you live one of the five Door County public school districts—Washington Island, Gibraltar, Sevastopol, Sturgeon Bay, and Southern Door.  The Door County property tax does not contribute to the state of federal budgets.

Income taxes are levied on an individual, property tax is levied on the property.  If property taxes are not paid the delinquent payment can result in a property tax lien, and that lien remains “attached” to the property as a responsibility of the property owner.  Tax liens do not disappear when the property is transferred to a new owner, and because they are attached to the property title the lien will show up in a records of title search and should be paid at the time of property transfer.  If the lien is not paid at the time of transfer the lien because a responsibility of the new property owner.  

After a period of delinquency, usually three years of unpaid taxes, the Door County Board might foreclose on the property.  Under foreclosure the property is offered for sale with the sale proceeds first going to the delinquent tax, any lien or mortgage holders and if there is excess it may be remitted to the original property owner.  

Who determines what the Door County property tax rate is?

Jacksonport - middle of Door CountyTax rates are established individually for each Door County town or village.  Each Door County municipality hires a property tax assessor.  The assessor sets the “fair market value” for properties within the municipality it serves.  The property tax assessor complies records on the property such as acreage, type of acreage, size of home, number of rooms/bedrooms/bathrooms, age of the home, etc.  This information along with data on property sales are what the assessor uses in determining the fair market value of a property.  Current assessments and other information can be found at AssessorData.org.  You do need to have certain property information–either the tax parcel number, address, and the municipality in which the property is located.

Check out the Door County Tax Rates

Tax Rates Door County 2019

Can I appeal the tax assessment on my property?

After the tax rate has been established, each Door County property is assessed every year and any improvements, additions, or alterations made to the property might affect the assessed value, as might current real estate market sale conditions (properties sold over the past year).

Door County property owners can appeal the tax assessment and request a reassessment.  It is not guaranteed that the request will be granted, but there is a process for that request.  

Each municipality holds what is commonly known as the “open book session” during which a property owner can meet with the tax assessor for their municipality and discuss the assessed value.  The assessor will present the data they used in making the assessment, and the property owner should be prepared with data to negate that assessment.

Are Door County property taxes deductible on my income tax?

If the property is a primary residence of the tax payer (occupancy over six months in the year) the Homestead Exemption may be available to the owner.  The Homestead Exemption can reduce the assessed value of the primary residence before the property tax is calculated, thus resulting in a lower annual property tax for primary residence ownwers.

Deductability for primary residences, second homes, and land should be discussed with your tax specialist. 

How much are Door County real estate taxes?

The tax assessed can vary from municipality to municipality depending on the needs of the municipality and the school district in which the property resides.  Generally you can figure that your Door County real estate tax will be 1.24% of the estimated fair market value of the property (effective 12/31/2019).  On a home assessed at $189,500 that would be $2,357 per year.  That amount may be a bit less in some municipalities, and more in others.

If you have questions about Door County tax rates, or anything Door County real estate, call Lisa Bieri at 920-493-5472.

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