A Walk-Through – A Must

A pre-closing walk-through is a must.  Listen while I give you some reasons why, based on years of experience.


What More Can I Say?

Ninety-eight percent of the time this home or property is just fine–no damage, all items that were to be left behind are, and all items that were to have been disposed of are gone.

It’s that other two percent of the time when there is a problem–a missing appliance or fixture, a closet or even garage full of junk, a broken window or standing water in the basement.  Those are the problems that make the walk through worth the time.

So, take the extra hour to drive to the home and have that walk-through.  If you are closing by mail, contract with your inspector to go back for you and perform a walk through.  It will be worth it!!

Advice for Sellers Too

You’ve heard, “one person’s treasure is another person’s junk”?  This is especially true just before closing at the buyer’s walk-through.

When you are ready to leave your property for that last time, take one last look around.

Have you removed all of your personal belongings–even that rake in the garage that you think will come in handy for the next owner!  Have you removed anything you should not have–like the microwave on the counter? Is the house or structure what we call broom clean?

Taking that last look around and making sure you’ve removed everything that isn’t specifically included in the contract for sale will almost assure you of a smooth closing.



Should I Do A Walk-Through Before Closing On My Door County Home?
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Should I Do A Walk-Through Before Closing On My Door County Home?
Should I do a walk-through before I close on my Door County home or condo. YES. A pre-closing walk-through is a MUST.
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