Realtors Can Work Anywhere

Door County Realtors can work anywhere in Wisconsin.  And likewise Realtors from other areas of Wisconsin can work in Door County or anywhere else.  With a salesperson’s or broker’s license in Wisconsin a Realtor from Madison, in the far southern part of the state, and do business in Hudson, one of the furthest north towns.  But, is that really wise?

When you travel to another town you have to have a plan.  First you plan the route, probably using your GPS.  Then you search the web to find the best places to see, best attractions to visit, best places to eat, etc.  You don’t know where all of these places are so again you get out your GPS.  You are relying on some info on the web that the dinner you spend $200 on will be fantastic.  You are relying on some info on the web that the hotel room you spend $300 on will be extraordinary.    Or maybe you find someone from the area and get the inside track from them.  It’s a little like that in real estate, you have to have a plan, you have to know the lay of the land, you have to have some insider information (like what are the best restaurants when you are on vacation).

Like the Weather, Real Estate is Local

When it comes to buying and selling real estate my advice is, real estate like the weather is very local.  The climate in Door County Wisconsin is very different than that of Miami Florida.  What works in one city— the speed of the market, the price of homes per square foot, zoning codes, and even the forms to write an offer—will be very different in another.  And so it is with Door County real estate.

Whether the market is challenging or really fast, lenders who are local to the area and appraisers who are local to the area can make or break your purchase.  And the same holds true for Realtors—a local Realtor who knows the market, has familiarity with all the cooperating agents, who knows the local communities, who knows local codes—one knowledgable in the area will make a difference for you.

Why Local Is Better – An Expert in the Area

An expert on the area, and expert in various neighborhoods.

Glidden Drive, Lake Forest Park Road, Schauer Road, Ridges Road, Cave Point Drive are all neighborhoods in Door County.  Each road runs along Lake Michigan, but the neighborhoods are very different.  A local agent will know those things because of the time they’ve been doing business or maybe more likely because they’ve sold homes in each neighborhood and have friends living there.  Will someone from outside the area be able to advice you on how prices vary from one to the other?  Will someone from outside the area know that there are covenants and restrictions that apply to properties on one road but not another?  Will they know where there are homeowners associations and where to get information on them?

Why Local Is Better – Market Knowledge

Market Knowledge.  As mentioned above a local Realtor will know the current inventory, will know the past sales, and will be able to help you identify the area just right for you, and then advise you on right price.

Why Local is Better – In the Know About Zoning and Covenants


Local Zoning and Covenants.  Door County Realtors are very familiar with Shoreland Zoning, the zoning codes in each town, and understand condominium homeowners associations and the differences in residential associations.  They probably know the areas that covenants and restrictions are in place, or they know how to find them, and where you can pretty much do whatever you want.  It takes time working in a market to gain knowledge of these things.  How you will use a property going forward—build on it, rent it out, operate a business—are important considerations and you need someone working for you who knows local codes and practices.

Why Local Is Better – They’re in the Know

A Local Realtor is “In the Know”.  Real estate news is everwhere.  In the local newspapers, in the coffee shop, at the PTA meeting and at the basketball game.  A lot can be learned by just being in touch with local media and community.  The local real estate agent has an inside track to this insider information.

What to know about the Door County lifestyle...get some great information at my Lifestyle blog.  Updating frequently so check back often.


Local is the Safest Choice

The moral of the story is that local is just safer.  Your purchase of a Door County property—a home, a condo, a piece of land—will be one of the largest investments you’ll make, and real estate transactions are complicated.  It isn’t like buying Boardwalk or Park Place on the Monopoly board.  Local is always the safest choice.

Learn what Door County local Realtor, Lisa Bieri, is all about.  

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