Don’t Let the Just-RIght Home Slip Away

When looking for and buying a Door County Home it happens all too often.  Buyers look at a home and decide to “think on it”.  Sometimes the intent is to think on it for a couple of weeks, sometimes just over night, but too often the home is gone when they decide it’s right. The reasons for waiting can be varied.  It might be the buyer is uncomfortable with the purchase price—the home is just perfect, but at the top of their comfort level.  It might be the buyer thinks acting too quickly will send a message to the seller that they really want the house—let the seller sweat it out a bit is the thought process.  Maybe the home has been on the market and the buyer thinks it wise to see if the seller will reduce the price.  Or it might be they think a better home will come on the market—the grass is always greener on the other side.


IF  IF the seller reduces the price, IF I can get comfortable with that purchase price, IF a better one comes on the market.  The reality is that IF you do let a home slip away for any of those reasons–you might get comfortable with the purchase price, the seller might reduce their price, or another home might come on the market that you like just as much–the key word becomes WHEN…

When will that price reduction occur, what will occur and when might you get comfortable with that extra $100 month in mortgage payment, and when will another house just as right come on the market?

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Great Homes are Not a Dime a Dozen

Needle in a haystackFinding great homes might be more like finding a needle in a haystack!  Great homes, the homes that fit your needs and wishes and that are in really good structural and mechanical condition are not a dime a dozen.  When they come on the market they sell quickly—even in Door County.  So the thing to do is to be ready to make the offer.

Of course you don’t want to make a hasty decision and regret it later.  That is why we have consulted beforehand on your needs and wishes in the home and why you got a loan preapproval.  Along with those things we worked on before looking at homes, I’ll be here to keep you in check!

So. if the home seems right consider if you didn’t make and offer, and someone else did, and the home would not be available tomorrow because it went to another buyer.  Would you be OK with that?

If you have a nagging that not making an offer and having it go under contract with someone else would cause regret, then you are better off making the offer on the house that is just right for you.

There’s An Old Saying…

There is an an old saying in the real estate profession that goes like this:

“The home you looked at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow may be the same home someone looked at yesterday and will buy today.”

Addicted to Looking at Homes On-Line

You are prepared to be ready, so let’s find your home.

Almost every single home for sale can be found on the internet.  Because of that it has become so much easier for you to find the home of your dreams.  I do not remember when it all changed, but I do remember a time the only way for buyers to know what homes were for sale was to call the Realtor’s office and have the Realtor send the homes to them—maybe via email but very often by U.S. Mail.

Looking for homes online can become addicting.  You can look at any hour of the day, and the information on homes for sale is updated almost moment to moment.

Is Finding the Home Your Agent’s Most Important Job?

I want to address some things that most agents done event think to address or realize they should address with their clients…

There was that time when the agent had to “find” the perfect home for their client.  The agent had to consult with the client on their needs and wishes, and then go out and look for the homes that might fit.  That expectation still exists, but often the buyer finds the home they want online and brings it to the attention of their agent.

As a buyer you might think the agent isn’t doing a good job if they are not sending the listing before you find it online.  That may be true with some agents, that they are not actively looking for the right home.  More likely though it is a matter of the agent being busy working with other clients, on the road and in meetings—the agent has many other people and homes to deal with on any given day and cannot look constantly online for just one client.

Finding the just right home is not about a single moment, it is a process.  It is about seeing many homes online, and sometimes in person, and gradually understanding the market and your must-haves and wants so that you make the best decision.

Because of the buyer’s ability to find almost every home for sale online, and because most buyers do spend a good deal of time surfing the web looking at homes, finding the home isn’t even the agent’s most important job.  The agent’s most important job, the test of the agent’s skills, comes in when you find a home, make and offer, negotiate and go through the process to close on it.

Continue to search for your home online, I’ll continue to send you homes that I think meet your criteria, and be ready to act when that just-right home appears.

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