Tiny house or show shed?  Which will suit you?  Tiny houses (where you can live) have been around a while now, then came man caves and she sheds.  Now we are seeing show sheds!

Like the other “sheds” the show shed is a hideaway, and this one is a mini-cinema.

Your shed can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, from the exterior who would think anything special resides in this one.

Who would think anything special resides within


Watch the show like royalty.

Red velvet theatre seats.  Of course, only the best!

Red velvet theatre seats reminiscent of York Royal Theatre in Leeds.

Why a big screen

A big screen for optimal viewing

Any good theatre has a big screen, and this one is really big.

The big screen is not only essential for watching movies, but for getting maximum enjoyment from the games in the gaming closet.

A gaming closet




Concessions are a must

What’s a show shed without concessions?

An afternoon of movies or gaming requires snacks.  Concessions in cinema bags, and lots of candy for a good old-fashioned sugar-high.


Can you buy a show shed?

We don’t sell sheds, we sell houses.  If you want a house with a shed you can convert, or maybe a in-home theatre, we can help.  Begin by checking out all the Door County Listings at Door County Listings by Location!


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Tiny House or Show Shed
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Tiny House or Show Shed
Tiny houses have been around a while now as have man caves, then came she sheds.  Now we are seeing show sheds!
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