You can and should open the closet doors and have a look inside when you are at your home viewing–for several reasons.

Can I Look In the Closets?

So you are looking for a home.  The house has a big closet, or maybe it’s a little closet, either way it’s packed full of “stuff”.  It’s OK to look in the closets

OK, don’t actually go through the owner’s stuff, but take a close look to assess how much storage space there is, and decide if it will meet your needs. You also want to take a look to assure there isn’t any damage behind all those clothes, boxes and everything else we keep in our closets.

Damage Can Occur in Closets Too

I recall early in my career looking a a house with the buyer and yes, the closet was packed full of “stuff”.  We wanted to be polite and not intrusive so we did nothing more than open the door and peek in.  The buyer had a home inspection, but he didn’t disturb the clutter either.  We discovered at the walk through, after the seller had moved out of the house, that there was water damage on one of the walls.  It took many calls and some time on closing day (which should have been exciting for the buyer but was not a stress) that the damage had occurred a couple of years earlier and there was not more leakage after their remedy.  They just failed to repair the wall.  Whew.

That leads me to thought for another article on whey you should always do a walk through and as many days in advance of the closing as possible.  But, that’s another day.

Open the Closet Doors

To end, I will say that many people don’t like to open closets because they think it’s rude, but if you’re thinking of buying the house, you want to make sure there’s enough room for everything you need and there isn’t an issue that might cause you head-ache and money later.

Dig Around in the Closets!!


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