Woodcrest Village Condominium, Sister Bay Door County

Woodcrest Village Condominium is located just a couple blocks off the Sister Bay downtown and a popular vacation or year ’round home setting. Homes range from 2 bedroom/2 bath to four bedrooms and baths, all spacious and light. Learn more and search all the Woodcrest Village and Sister Bay condominium homes for sale

Jacksonport Town Christmas Party

Half Way to the North Pole

An Annual Event Jacksonport’s Town Christmas Party is an annual event that gets better every year!  The Jacksonport Advancement Corporation and The Jacksonport Women’s Club team to host this fun night for the Jacksonport friends and neighbors. It all begins with the tree Lighting of the Christmas tree in Lakeside Park kicks off at 5:45 … Continued

Listing a Home at Holiday Time?

Listing a home at holiday time? Good idea? Is it possible to sell at holiday time? Homes should be listed in the spring and summer, “in the season”, and that nobody buys in the winter. Especially during the holidays. That is what conventional wisdom and local lore tells us.

What Happens When the Fed Cuts Interest Rates

What does it mean? December 2008, the last time the FED cut interest rates: Unemployment was over 7 percent (and rising quickly), the stock market had lost a third of its value, and a major financial institution, Lehman Brothers, had just declared bankruptcy, rocking the financial system. Today unemployment is at a half-century low (3.7 … Continued

The Odds of Selling Your Door County House or Condo

Don’t let the odds kill your deal Selling a house or condo is a bit like gambling.  There are odds you sell based on how you prepared the house for sale, how your price the house, and how your agent represents the house. If you are preparing to sell your Door County home or condo, … Continued