Winter layup of the Great Lakes freighters at Fincanteri/Bay Shipbuilding is an event so many love to watch. Seeing the ships come through the canal and navigate the bridges in Sturgeon Bay is truly a sight to see. If you can’t make it to Door County, or maybe not be up in the middle of the night when some of those ships come in then you’ll enjoy these videos. Videos are added as the ships arrive and the videographer makes them available.

Preparations for Filming

In the first video, below, the videographer shows us the many preparations he goes through to capture this big ships and all their maneuvers.

You can find more Great Lakes freighter information at Boat Nerd.

The Erie Trader Comes to Port

Monday 1/24/2021 Joseph L. Block Expected 11:30 A.M.

Boat Nerd GPS
Up-to-date GPS at

This update from Terry Ullman of Door County Candy (and boat watcher):

The Joseph L Block is off of Kewaunee at 8AM, and expected to #SturgeonBay about 1130, put on your warm mittens, ready your thermos, and hit the shores. The #BoatNerd has an up to the minute gps tracking. Share your great pics and get hooked on boatnerd fever. The Block is 728’ long, beam of 78’ and has a capacity of 37,200 tons. The ship will be resting on winter lay up at Fincantarri(Bay Ship) for winter servicing. Welcome Captain and Crew and thanks for the show and your hard work.

Check out freighter and don’t leave town without a trip to Door County Candy!

Great Lake Freighters Coming in to Sturgeon Bay for Winter Layup
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Great Lake Freighters Coming in to Sturgeon Bay for Winter Layup
So many of us love to watch the Great Lakes freighters come in to Sturgeon Bay's Fincanteri Marine for their winter layup, especially as they navigate their way through the bridges to their tie-ups. Enjoy these videos, updated as each ship arrives.
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Lisa Bieri at Shorewest Realtors Door County
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