Fall – the Time to Get Your Living Space Ready for WInter

Fall Inside our homes we may accessorize differently for the seasons. We change over our closets season-to-season.  There are certain projects we should do around the house and outside as the seasons change too.  Maintenance of your home year ’round is important, but maintenance in the fall and before the long, cold winter provides some added comfort, protection and value.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Maid–Close the crawl space vents.  The crawl space vents are intended to allow the air from outside to circulate under the house in the warmer months to prevent moisture, that may encourage the growth of mildew and eventually rot.  When the air gets dry in fall close them to save on some heating costs and help reduce the chances of pipes under the house freezing.  Check out Google and you’ll find lots of articles on the pros and cons of open or closed crawl space vents.

–Clean or replace your welcome mats.  The cleaning or replacement will not only give a fresh look at your entry doors, but doing away with all the summer dirt and sand with a clean or new mat might just reduce the amount of dirt into the house.

–Clean the dishwasher.  What?  That machine has soap and water running through it every day when it washes the dishes.  Actually over time soap scum, grease, and even food debris can build up inside the dishwasher.  All of that is a breeding ground for germs and could affect the efficiency
To clean the filter remove the lower dish each.  The filter will be in either the back corner of the    dishwasher tub, or around the base of the bottom spray arm.  Most filters have two parts, and upper filter assembly and a lower filter assembly. Once you have the filters out hand wash them in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly.  Google also provides lots of information on the best way to deep clean your dishwasher.  

–Wash all the bedding and replace the pillows.  If you grew up with my mother, washing all the bedding–comforter down to mattress pad, and then vacuuming the mattress–was a monthly project.  For most of us today getting it done in the spring and fall might be all we have time for.  We all tend to hold onto our favorite pillow.  It is recommended that pillows be replaced every 1 to 2 years, depending on the quality.  Pillows can develop mold (because they are infrequently aired out) and attract dust mites, and both of those can cause allergies.  So inspect the condition of your pillow and if needed treat yourself to a replacement.

–Airing out or vacuuming window curtains, drapes and blinds is tedious work, but I’ll be if you give them a shake you’ll see lots of dust come out.

–Vacuum the back of the refrigerator.  Vacuuming the coils on the back of your refrigerator will help to keep it running efficiently.

–Replace the furnace filter.  Like other appliances, clean coils, etc., and in this case the filter helps in the efficiency of the machine.

–Sweep through the house gathering up or storing away all the things you won’t be using in the next moths.  Suntan lotions, sun hats, beach and water toys, garden tools, fans…and the list goes on.

Fall House Cleaning

Dream of cleanFor my mom and grandma, fall meant house cleaning time.  In their day perhaps houses were not as air tight as they are now, and they had more “chores”, fewer of the modern tools than I do (dishwashers, microwaves, etc), and less effective cleaning products than I have access to.  Yet, they somehow kept their homes sparkling and always “company ready”.

These few inside the home maintenance tips will help me to be ready for winter and company!

Fall Home Maintenance
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Fall Home Maintenance
We change over our closets season-to-season.  Inside our homes we may accessorize differently for the seasons.  There are certain projects we should do around the house and outside as the seasons change too.
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