Safer at Home is the initiative in Wisconsin to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 virus. If you are in Door County, you know we are generally on lock down due to the Safer at Home order by the governor. Even if you are in another county or state, you are likely experiencing the same thing.

How May Cases in Door County?

On May 13th, 2020 the latest information from the Door County Health Department tells us that there are 23 confirmed cases of the virus in Door County.   Early on in March and April it had been determined persons confirmed with the virus contracted it elsewhere, but that changed a couple of weeks ago when it was determined that the virus was now contracted through “community spread”.   The Door County  government site has lots of good information, including locations for free internet.

How Are the Schools Faring?

Virtual Learning - have you tried it?We’ve known for a long time that in some areas of Door County the internet service leaves a lot to be desired.  With schools closed and students learning virtually that lack of good service has become even more evident.  Schools are making sure all students have opportunity; if there is a lack of internet hard copy lessons are delivered, teachers are calling students on a weekly basis, and lunches are delivered to homes, or available for pickup, daily.  Door County has risen to the challenges posed, but I think I am most proud of how the schools and their staffs have stepped up to serve their students and families.
Graduation plans for the Class of 2020 has been on a wild roller coaster ride.  Schools planned events using what I would term “extreme” social distancing measures, but last week the state health officials but a kabosh to those plans state wide so schools are now planning virtual graduation ceremonies.
Spring sporting activities in the schools were all cancelled, and it looks like students might not have much of an opportunity in the summer to participate in organized activities.  Most recently the Wisconsin American Legion Baseball summer season was cancelled–first time since 1927!
About a year ago someone told me that eventually we would not need brick and mortar school buildings because everything would be virtual.  This recent test I think proves that very wrong.  Students are losing interest, parents are struggling to keep the kids motivated (and teach because they are not teachers), and teachers are frustrated in not being able to have that important face to face with their students.  Summer school has always been well attended, this year summer school would have to be virtual learning.  Some schools have decided not to hold summer school this year because the kids need a break from the virtual learning.

To Mask or Not To Mask

Going to the grocery store, gas station, hardware store, I see lots of people wearing masks and gloves–me included.  Grocery pickup has become so convenient I may never go back to shopping in the market.

To wear a mask or not has many opinions.  There are a few stores that are requiring the use of a face mask to enter.

Lots of people are making masks for use in the health care field and for individuals.  A little shop in Sister Bay, Bobbin & Bloom is making masks for sale.  Just $1, with pickup and payment on their front porch.  Pickup and payment is on the honor system!  Only in Door County.
safer at home maskThe best mask I’ve found, for my use, is a headband.  I can wear it around my neck when I don’t need it and simply pull it up when I do.  The headband style/brand is wide enough and has enough Spandex in it to keep it secure when I’ve pulled it up over my face.  If you want to know the brand and where I got them, touch base, I’ll be happy to share!

Where Can I Get Something to Eat? Where Can I Stay?

There are a lot of restaurants open for takeout–I have no idea how many but seems the options are endless.  There is a Facebook page dedicated to this information, check out Door County Restaurants Carry-Out/ Delivery

Lodging establishments are generally closed, at least until May 26th (when the Safer at Home order expires).  Door County does look forward to welcoming visitors back so please do call for your reservations!

I hear from a lot of people making a day-trip drive into Door County to just enjoy the scenery.  The Wisconsin State Parks are open daily for use, closed on Wednesday for cleaning and maintenance.

Some vacation home/second home owners are using their places.  Those I’ve talked with are practicing the recommended 14 day quarantine when they arrive; we appreciate.


I Need a Door County Shopping Fix

The grocery stores, hardware stores, etc., have remained open through the Safer at Home order.  The Wisconsin governor has now lifted the order for retail stores.  There are certain guidelines such as number of persons in a store at the same time, social distancing, etc., but needless to say shop-owners and shoppers alike are ecstatic.

safer at home hair cutMy hair is too long and my fingernails are a mess–that’s because nail and hair salons and spas remain closed along with the restaurants and bars.  We so look forward to the safe and complete reopening of those services and establishments.



Fireworks harbor 4th of JulySadly some popular events around the Door have been cancelled.  Maifest, the first festival of the summer was cancelled, Northern Sky Theatre cancelled its outdoor season, the Peninsula Players cancelled its season, and the list goes on.  Yesterday is was announced that the Door County municipalities decided to cancel the 4th of July parades and fireworks.  NOTE:  The 4th of July has not been cancelled–we can still celebrate our country’s independence, we’ll just have to find other safe ways to celebrate.
When Door County does open for business though we still have all the great scenery, silent sports opportunities, and your favorite eateries, shops, winery and galleries for you to enjoy!
Stay safe and stay well…we look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy National Tourist Appreciation Day!

Happy National Tourist Appreciation Day! Your continued love & support mean the world to us. While the present may be uncertain, we’re looking to the future when we can safely welcome you back. Thank you for staying home until it’s safe to travel. #PauseNowPlayLater #LoveDoorCounty#ThankYou #EnjoyEggHarbor #EggHarbor

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Safer at Home May 2020
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Safer at Home May 2020
Safer at Home is the initiative in Wisconsin to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 virus. If you are in Door County, you know we are generally on lock down due to the Safer at Home order by the governor. Even if you are in another county or state, you are likely experiencing the same thing.
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