Safer at Home is Wisconsin’s recent effort to help flatten the spread of the Corona Virus, COVID-19. What it means for Wisconsinites, what we can and cannot do during this crisis. Read the article or watch the video…

Safer at Home

Safer at Home is the order issued by Wisconsin Governor, Tony Evers, yesterday, and in effect at 8:00 a.m., today Wednesday March 25th, 2020, and in effect for 30 days.

If you hear people online talking about Stay at Home, the order in other states these are approximately the same.  If you hear people talking about Shelter in Place, that’s different. Shelter in place means finding a safe location indoors and staying there until you are given an “all clear” or told to evacuate.

Safer at Home

Things You CAN Do

Essential travel only is allowed, and certain business and service entities are closed.  Here are some things you can do during Safer at Home:

–Go to the grocery or convenience store.
–Go to to the pharmacy to get medications and health care necessities.
–Go to the doctor.  Many doctor, dentist and other medical provider offices are calling patients to reschedule appointments that are not essential.  They are still seeing those who wish to be seen or who may be experiencing an illness that requires attention.  Before you head off to your doctor, dentist, etc., call ahead.  If you are feeling ill they  may do some screening over the phone and then schedule your appointment.  Don’t simply go to the doctors office or urgent care if the situation is not urgent.  No point in your exposing yourself to something you’ve not been, or you exposing other people.  The waiting rooms get congested–don’t add to that if you do not need to.

–Go to the restaurant for take-out.  A week ago the Governor ordered all bars and restaurants closed.  Some of those restaurants are offering take-out.  You may not enter the establishment, but they will bring your take-out to the curb.
–Care for or support family and friends.  Be smart, don’t just hang out there.  If your family member or friend needs help or support, do what you can practicing the social distancing and sanitations measures recommended.  If you just have the need to hang out with family and friends try FaceTime, Google HangOuts, or one of the other many options on the web.
–Take a walk, go for a jog, ride your bike, take your pet for a walk.  Think about how you can get outside in nature!  You can take your pet to the vet, but there too call ahead.  Offices may be postponing appointments, or be closed.  I read of one local vet’s office today who remains open, but with their doors locked.  When one arrives at the office they call to desk, the receptionist will open the door and take you and your pet directly to an examining room.
–You can receive deliveries!! If you are ordering from Amazon, QVC or elsewhere those packages will continue to arrive.!!


What I Should NOT Do

You should not:

–Go to work unless you are involved in what is considered an “essential” business or service.  See the Safer at Home order here.
–Visit friends or family if there is not an urgent need.
–When you must be out, remain 6 feet apart from another person.
–Visit friends and family in the hospitals or nursing homes.  In many cases visitors are strictly prohibited.  In some cases an exception may be made for a short visit.  Call ahead to see the protocol at the hospital or nursing home.
–Casual travel.  Essential travel only.  We all generally know what “esstential” means. Essential means back and forth to work, to the grocer, medical appointments and the like.

That’s good advice that we should all follow.

What About My Door County Vacation Home

Door County’s public health service has advised persons who have a second home or vacation home here, but with a permanent home elsewhere, that they not travel to that second or vacation home.  Some of that is to try to help flatten the spread of the virus, but another aspect is to protect our health services.  Door County has a very high population of at-risk individuals.  Should this virus rise to a pandemic level in Door County, our health services would be beyond taxed.  Hence the request, strong suggestion, that second and vacation home owners delay travel to Door County.

If your permanent home is in Door County but you were wintering away in another state or area, then traveling home would be considered essential  travel.  When you arrive back at your home, quarantine for 14 days.  That means not reuniting with family and friends, visiting the library (if they remain open), etc.  It means having your groceries delivered and not seeing other people.

What Are Essential Businesses and Services

Bars and restaurants are closed except for take-out.  Hair salons, nail salons, health clubs and spas, the YMCAs are closed.  Small businesses like the book store, kitchen store, and clothing shop are closed.

–Health care workers remain on the job.
–Emergency services such as first responders, ambulance drivers and firefighters remain on the job.
–Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open.
–Gas stations remain open.
–Manufacturing entities who provide medical equipment or make parts and pieces remain open (we have many industries in Sturgeon Bay who do just that).
–In Door County Fincanterri Marine/Bay Shipbuilding remains open.  This industry is deemed essential to the economy and national defense by the government and U.S. Navy.
–Services such as real estate offices may remain open but must abide by the no more than 10 persons in a gathering rule, practice essential travel, and of course safe social distancing.  As for me, I am able to work almost exclusively from my home office, which makes me even happier today!

We Will All Come Through This

We will all come through this.  In the meantime we should, as we are able offer support to others both financially and morally.

As you are able grab some take-out, take some food to the food pantry, help someone out with a grocery gift card.

If you are so inclined say a prayer for our health care workers that they remain healthy while attending to those needing their help.  Remember those people who are out of work because of the Safer at Home order.  Remember your hair stylist, nail tech, and all the other people who work by the hour and tips who are out of work now.


Schools Closed

With the schools closed there are children at home.  In some cases children watching their siblings while mom and dad are at work.  Remember those families and offer a hand with meals or shopping in you can.  Just giving a call to check in on the kids during the day will be a nice distraction for them!

Stay strong, together we’ll flatten the curve and get through this very weird time.


Safer at Home - Wisconsin's Stay at Home Order
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Safer at Home - Wisconsin's Stay at Home Order
Safer at Home is Wisconsin's recent effort to help flatten the spread of the Corona Virus, COVID-19. What it means for Wisconsinites, what we can and cannot do during this crisis. Read the article or watch the video...
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