Located in Door County, the town of Liberty Grove is home to approximately 1,858 residents. You’ll find the communities of Ellison Bay, Gills Rock, and parts of rural Sister Bay located within the town limits–and the town runs to the Tip of the Door!

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Ellison Bay

Mother Nature smiles on Ellison Bay, and you can witness the beautiful view from the crest of a 200-foot escarpment just north of Sister Bay. We encourage you to visit when the fall air is crisp, and the leaves are enchanting hues of yellow, orange, and red.

Newport State Park is a favorite location for those who are looking for secluded hiking and cross-country ski trails.

The gateway to the Mink River Estuary, Rowleys Bay is on the Lake Michigan shore and just four miles east of Ellison Bay. Due to its protected status by the Nature Conservancy, this area is a pristine wilderness that is home to rare plants, birds, and other animals. The shoreline has a cross that is a replica of the original one built by Jesuit missionaries in the 1600’s. The bay is named in honor of Peter Rowley, a man who lived in the area in the mid-1800’s.

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Gills Rock

Originally called Hedgehog Harbor, Gills Rock is north of Ellison Bay. The village was named by the Washington Island fisherman and boat builder named Amos Lovejoy.

During the winter of 1855, Lovejoy kept his sloop in the safety of a cove that he was well acquainted with due to fishing. Unfortunately, his sloop wasn’t as safe as he thought. A family of hedgehogs had claimed the sailboat for their own. This may not have been a problem except for the holes they left behind in the hull of the boat. Imagine Lovejoy’s surprise when he set sail that spring only to find the sloop taking on water. He was forced to hurry back to shore and abandon his ship. From that time until 1870, the cove was called Hedgehog Harbor. At that time, the area was renamed Gills Rock to honor Elias Gill who was a prominent lumber businessman.

If fishing is a favorite pastime, you’ll appreciate the strong tradition of commercial fishing that Gills Rock is known for locally. A favorite location for those who enjoy diving for treasured artifacts, Gills Rock is often visited by shipwreck divers who are searching in and around Death’s Door. In fact, the Door County Maritime Museum is home to quite a few artifacts that have been recovered from the shipwrecks. These artifacts help paint a picture of the history of the fishing industry in this area.

Those wishing to visit Washington Island from Gills Rock will find the ferries that depart daily from Northport Pier useful.

Liberty Grove Schools

Students in this area are served by Gibraltar School District which is comprised of Gibraltar Elementary School and Gibraltar High School. The elementary school enrolls students in grades kindergarten to sixth grade. The high school enrolls students in grades seven to twelve.

The percentage of residents with a high school diploma or higher is 91.6 percent. The percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree is 35.8 percent.

Liberty Grove Parks & Recreation

The Liberty Grove parks department manages 13 parks and boat launch areas. Let’s take a closer look at several of these incredible community assets.

Located on the Niagara Escarpment, Grandview Park provides residents with a scenic overlook of Ellison Bay. This park is perfect for relaxing moments when you just want to enjoy the view or have a walk. Keep in mind that parking is not allowed on the highway, so you’ll want to park at the Liberty Grove Historical Society parking in Ellison Bay.

Located next to the Maritime Museum, Gills Rock Park features a picnic area that has grills and picnic tables. Since the area is covered, it’s perfect for special gatherings. The park also has a playground and benches. From May to October there are restrooms open to the public. It should be noted that dogs are now permitted within the park.

Those needing a shallow boat launch will find Europe Lake Boat Launch and North Bay Boat Launch handy. While the Europe Lake launch area has a picnic table and grill for picnics, the North Bay location has a bench for relaxing. Swimming is not encouraged at the North Bay Boat Launch.

Liberty Grove Real Estate

Like other communities in northern Door County, Ellison Bay and Gills Rock have a variety of real estate styles and locations that appeal to those seeking a relaxed lifestyle. Residents enjoy being close enough to Sister Bay to benefit from year-round entertainment, shopping, and services that are offered.

If you’re looking for a truly laid-back lifestyle, let’s explore your opportunities in Liberty Grove, Ellison Bay, and Gills Rock.

Liberty Grove Homes for Sale
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Located in Door County, the town of Liberty Grove is home to approximately 1,858 residents. You’ll find the communities of Ellison Bay, Gills Rock, and parts of rural Sister Bay located within the town limits--and the town runs to the Tip of the Door!
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