Enjoy this 2018 Real Estate Market Report for Door County Wisconsin.

Door County, Wisconsin has several options for home buyers. Whether you are looking for your first home, a second home, or a vacation property, Door County has something for all types of buyers.

If you are a seller in Door County, Wisconsin, this market report will help you understand the Door County market to better position your home to sell.

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Door County Wisconsin is situated on the peninsula in northeastern Wisconsin. Property types are condos, residential homes, and commercial real estate.

Waterfront Condos

Waterfront condo properties in 2018 were on average listed at $369,676, down from an average list price in 2017 of $404,765. Average days on the market were 380 in 2018 compared to 479 in 2017.

The average sale price of waterfront condos for 2018 is $351,393, down 11% from the 2017 average sale price of $392,620. Waterfront condo sellers list to sale price fell slightly to 92.09% from 96.26% in 2017.

Door County Waterfront Condo Prices 2018

Waterfront Condos For Sale

Residential Waterfront

Residential waterfront properties ended the year with an average listing price of $882,000 and average sale price $818,268 for 2018. This is down from the 2017 average list price of $896,166 and up from the 2017 average sale price of $788,805.

Days on market decreased from 280 in 2017 to 215 for the year ending 2018. Average list to sale price rose slightly in 2018 to 92.68% from 90.09% in 2017.

Door County Residential Waterfront Prices 2018

Residential Waterfront Homes For Sale

Inland Condos

Inland condos average list price was higher in 2018 at $269,676 versus $241,577 for 2017. Average sale price was also higher in 2018 at $351,393 versus $231,015 for 2017.

Days on market increased year over year from an average of 267 days on market in 2017 to 380 days on market for 2018. Sellers averaged a lower list to sale price down slightly from 93.37% in 2017 to 92.09% for 2018.

Door County Inland Condo Prices 2018

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Residential Inland

Residential Inland average list prices were up from $296,110 in 2017 to $326,290 in 2018. Average sale prices were higher year over year from $279,411 in 2017 to $307,849 in 2018. Average days on market were high year over year from 152 days on market in 2017 to 220 days on market in 2018.

A total of 175 listings were sold in 2018 compared to 200 listing sold in 2017. Sellers were netting 93.82% of asking price in 2018, down from 95.26% in 2017.

Door County Inland Residential Prices 2018

Residential Inland Homes For Sale

Waterfront Land

Waterfront land prices averaged $347,100 for 2018 down from $419,240 for 2017. Days on market increased year over year from 350 for 2017 to 500 for 2018. Sellers were averaging 85% of asking price versus 91.75% from 2017. A total of 9 waterfront land properties sold in 2018 compared to 10 in 2017.

Waterfront Land For Sale

Inland Land

2018 saw Inland land prices up from an average of $60,745 in 2017 to $80,290 in 2018. A total of 114 properties sold in 2018, down from 124 in 2017. Sellers saw a decrease in list to sale price, down to 87.11% in 2018 from 89.73% in 2017.

Inland Land For Sale

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties also saw a decline in average sale prices from $370,256 in 2017 to $277,583 in 2018. A total of 14 properties sold in 2018, down from 27 in 2017. Sellers saw an increase in list to sales price up from 83.83% in 2017 to 91.49% in 2018.

Commercial Properties For Sale

While the market remains active in all categories, the greatest number of sales for both residential inland homes and condominium homes occurred in price points under $350,000, making it the strongest and most competitive market.

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